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An erp (Enterprise Resource Planning also known as business management software) can be sub-divided into smaller management systems or software. Depending upon your requirement, one or more management systems can work as independent software.

At erpcrew, we follow the Hexagram Model. All the vital management systems when joined together form a complete erp solution for any industry.

Hexagram Model
Customer Management System

Customer Management System

Through this system tool, you can manage all your customers personal and business data.

Add customer’s business and professional information. Search customers using various searching parameters such as city, age, name, contact number and many more.

Export and print the customers list. Through complaint box tool, lodge the customer complaints by generating complaint number and perform best customer relationship practices.

Employee Management System

Employee Management System

Through this system tool, you can manage all your employee’s information.

A new employee can be created through automatic generated employee code.

Employees personal details, skills, provident fund, other insurances and salary details can be stored and access through this system.

Warehouse Management System

Product/Warehouse Management System

Through this software tool, you can store details of products and manage the complete inventory of your warehouse.

Add product details specific to your industry, their specifications and prices.

Manage various warehouses by managing the inflow and outflow of your goods.

Accounts Management System

Order & Accounts Management System

Through this software tool, you can manage orders collected from your clients and the accounts of each client.

Manage order procured from clients by sending them either for dispatch or pending stack depending upon the business terms. Track your order throughout the dispatch.

Through our debit system, bills are generated after punching the dispatch order and the client’s statement is automatically debited after bill generation. Through our credit system, you can credit the payment in the client’s statement.

Dispatch Management System

Dispatch Management System

Though this software tool, you can track all your consignments dispatched through various modes of transport.

Store details of various modes of transport. Generate daily warehouse dispatch details and track your consignment as it reaches to your customers.

You can even manage the dispatch of your office documents (letters, bills, etc).

Lead/Sales Analysis Management

Lead/Sales Analysis Management System

Through this software tool, you can track your business leads and analyze sales of your product on the basis of various parameters.

Set up reminders for the customers interested in your product to convert them into a business lead.

Analyze your products sales in various demographic areas, highlight products that are performing or non-­performing region-­wise, analyze your premium customers and encourage other customers to buy your product through the analysis management tool.