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Our team has worked with publishing, not-for-profit organisations and other businesses to provide them full scale erp solutions according to their requirements. The below softwares are a tailored demo version to give you an idea about the working of the software related to your industry. At erpcrew, we value your money and that is why we follow the concept of Pay as you go. Instead of making one-time payment, we charge you a nominal monthly fee and many a times is equivalent to your monthly electricity bills (depending upon your software requirement). Try some of our software demos given below.
Our Products :

HR Management System

The HRM software is cost effective HR solution from small to medium business. This system is fully designed for all HR requirement. It include features like employee information management, payroll, leave management and more. It is robust, extensible and scalable system with workflow.


It is a publishing company software (erp) solution. This erp handles all the business operations taking place under the company. Operations such as warehouse management, customers details, books details, billing and statements of customers, books return, payment management, control panel for limited access to each user, survey and analysis reports and more have been incorporated in the erp.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Human resource management (HRM, or simply HR) is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of their employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with how people are managed within organizations, focusing on policies and systems.

Printing Press

Printing Press Management System is a software that manages all activities of entire business of press and It helps to make your business more transparent and more simple for you.


This software is a comprehensive solution for nonprofit organisation of all sizes. It offers features like managing donor activity ,members, creating donation receipt and more. The system also has features that analyse data and grant users.

Software On Demand

If you are looking at this section then the chances are that you did not find suitable erp as per your business requirement. We are currently building erp's for various other businesses as per clients requirement. We would be glad to help you with your requirements. Kindly fill up the form under this section and our executive will contact you.

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